Disney Used This Adorable Cub As a Model For Baby Simba In The New 'Lion King" Remake

Anyone who watched the new remake of "The Lion King" with Donald Glover and Beyonce, couldn't stand the cuteness of baby Simba. Now, the Dallas zoo announced on their facebook page that Bahati, a female lion at their zoo, was actually used as a model for it in the remake of the Disney classic. "When Bahati was just a month old, we provided Disney with video of her movements for their animation team to use for motion and behavior reference when designing Simba in The Lion King," the zoo shared on Facebook. Those who have seen the technically stunning and wildly successful remake might recognize the Dallas Zoo lion, Bahati, who isn't so little anymore. While most of the footage the zoo sent to Disney shows Bahati as a month-old cub, the formerly tiny lion is now a fully-grown, two-and-a-half-year-old lioness.

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