I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a sign in that Canadians officials have put up that warns people not to let moose lick salt off their cars thumbnail includes two pictures of a sign standing up in the snow in the first picture it says 'DO NOT LET MOOSE' and in the second it finishes 'LICK YOUR CAR'

Canadian Officials Warn People To Not Let Moose Lick Their Cars

Salty and delicious but also risky
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cool sign zodiac interesting astrology wildcats spirit animal horoscope Cats - 7872005

Find Out Which Small Wildcat Species Is Correlated To Your Zodiac

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ideal pet based on your sign

Ever Wondered What's Your Ideal Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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sign fly funny - 9151958784
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swan obvious sign funny Video - 85927937

Aggressive Swan Demonstrates Why a Sign Was Necessary

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Shut up and Take My Money!

shut up and take my money homeless puppy sign
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Well, If You Insist!

sign pets - 9015638016
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It's About Time She Confesses

sign pets shame dog shaming Cats - 9005977088
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Don't Listen to the Sign, Human

Sad sign closed Cats - 9005976576
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Someone's Fired...

sign security Cats - 8990480896
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If Dogs Could Actually Vote

if dogs could vote
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Lying in Wait

lying in wait
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Dogs Can't Read... or Can They?

sign husky rebel peeing - 8805794048
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Don't Listen to the Sign, Human

dont listen to the sign human
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That's What Puppies Do

he really does bite everything
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One Of The Funniest Things I've Ever Seen!

animals sign rehab caption - 8766362880
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