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reddit thread about aloof cats finally showing affection to their humans | thumbnail included one picture of a cat sleeping on top of a man 'Organism - r/cats u/will252.1d.i.redd.it 1 Join 11 1 1 After 3 years of living with my cat, today is the first time he's climbed on me and fallen asleep, I may never get up again. Cat Picture'

Sweet Story Of A Shy And Aloof Cat Finally Cuddling Up To Its Human Goes Viral, Prompting Others To Share Their Wholesome Stories As Well

It might take days, it might take years <3
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19 cat memes relating to the topic of introverts | Thumbnail includes a picture from a scene of the series 'The Office' of two men with shaking hands with a cat photoshopped to one of the man's head, and a picture of tiny kittens sleeping on tiny beds 'The introvert at the house party The house owner's pet When your squad plans to go hard but ya'll too old and just pass out'

A Nice Bundle Of Cat Memes For Introverts To Appreciate (19 Memes)

Who else is shy?
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about a shy cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of a gray cat

Rescued Shy Stray Cat Shows Shelter His Purrrfect Personality

Absolutely pawfect.
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shy animals cute | cute rabbit covering its eyes

22 Shy Animals Who Are Totally Blushing From Your Stare

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Shy Octopus Isn't Ready for Her Close Up

Via OctopusFunFacts
gifs shy cute octopus - 73820929

This Octopus Is a Little Camera Shy

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shy fast camera - 55519489

Ninja Dog Doesn't Like to Be on Camera

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I Crack Myself Up!

shy turtle joke - 8388078592
See all captions Created by MSchreff

Shy Baby Panda Squee!

panda shy cute squee - 8129007104
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Awe Shucks!

Chinchilla - gifak.net

Wait, I Should Comb my Mane

cute photos lions shy - 7957465600

I'll Make an Exception Just this Once

hungry diet shy raccoons - 7762766080
See all captions Created by Nightowl79

Not so Shy Anymore

shy cute shell turtle - 7718801408
See all captions Created by raekathy

Someone's Camera Shy

shy cute camera Cats funny - 7677797888
Via Gifak

Squee Spree: Don't Be Shy

calf baby shy mommy squee spree hiding squee takin - 7041919488
Via Rita Petita

Squee Spree: Shy Penguin

baby shy bird squee spree penguin squee - 6613518080
Via Игорь Гущин
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