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These ducks are dressed better than us! 

Butchy and Moko, the elegant pet ducks of Japan, get dressed in Kimonos and head off to the shrine "Naki-Iegamo Jinja" for "Shichigosan". 

Duck owners, RyuzoArts clarified in the description, "Shichigosan is the festival for children who are 3, 5 and 7 years-old. We pray their health and growth in shrines." (What about 4 and 6 year old's? Are they excluded from the festivities? Seems odd... punny, no?)

Butchy is dressed in the black Hakama, and Moko in a pink kimono with a ribbon.  

Don't they look adorable? 


Japan Has A Cat Shrine Complete With A Cat Monk And Cat Assistants

Need we say more? Welcome to Nyan Nyan Ji (which directly translates to Meow Meow Shrine)! 

Nyan Nyan Ji is located in Kyoto, and visitors are in for a pawsitive surprise because they'll be greeted by Koyuki, the cat monk! 

If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, Japan, this place is a must! 

You can follow Koyuki on Instagram, and adorable shrine on Facebook.

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