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28 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted photos of their rescued cats sitting on their shoulders | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man in a grey hoodie holding up his hand so that his tuxedo cat can stand a look afar, thumbnail also includes a picture of a bearded man wearing a black shirt and a black hat with a grey/white cat on his shoulder

28 Pics Of Rescued Shoulder Cats & Kittens Making Plans For World Domination

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14 cute photos of shoulder pets

14 Shoulder Animals (That Aren't Just Cats)

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animals perched on peoples shoulders thumbnail includes two images one of a guy with black cat on shoulder "Oh hi there, I was told that shoulder cats are trending today." and one of a woman holding a large cat "Sorry guys.... I’m not putting my cat on my shoulder."

Redditors Share Photos Of Their Pet Perching On Their Shoulders

And it's adorable
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cats sitting on humans' shoulders thumbnail includes two pictures including a guy playing the guitar with a cat on his shoulder and another guy taking a selfie with a kitten on his shoulder

Pawdorable Cats Sitting On Humans' Shoulders (22 Pictures)

Adorable cats and kittens sitting on their owners shoulders
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A Shoulder to Lean On

shoulder goats - 7728281600
Via Funky Goats

Bunday: Comfort Bun

Bunday shoulder comfort hugs rabbit bunny squee - 7004282880
Via Bunny Food

Why Aren't You Getting it For Me?

leaning shoulder tired owls coffee sleeping need - 6755964672
See all captions Created by Midna_Nightfury

Doesn't Say Whose Happiness

bluebird happiness nugget poop shoulder - 6563135232
See all captions Created by shanebc01

Reader Squee: Fernando The Ferret

ferret pet reader squee shoulder yawn - 4266295040
Created by Unknown

And I DON'T Want a Cracker!

cracker indignant parrot Pirate rules shoulder sit - 5986814720
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

Reader Squees: Bun Vanity

bunny mirror shoulder - 6009244928
Created by Sara Rosie


adorable arm Babies baby clumsy cub cubs endearing flirting Hall of Fame holding lion lions not romance shoulder subtle subtlety - 5396373248
Created by Unknown


adorable cat favorite Hall of Fame kitten location preference reader squees riding shoulder tiny - 4757280768
Created by NurseKate


asleep cat Hall of Fame kitten napping pretending pun rhyming ruler shoulder sleep sleeping - 4897456128
Created by Unknown


daddy jealous labrador labrador retriever love nose perching reader squees resting shoulder - 4731770624
Created by MissJinny


around caption captioned cat fast human lightbulb reason shoulder standing turn turn around - 4585355264
See all captions Created by backyardcowboy
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