I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 tweets of people sharing their cats that look like they're wearing pants and funny replies | thumbnail includes three pictures of black and white cats who look like they have pants on 'pants pants pants!'

People Flaunt Their Funky Colored Cats That Look Like They're Wearing Clothes

Cats need pants too!
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simons cat valentines day special youtube video cats animation short cute aww brothers

Simon's Cat In "Lovestruck" Valentine's Day Special

Simon's Cat has a date!
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shorts youtube kitten animated simons-cat Cats funny Video animals - 878598

Simon's Cat 'Kitten VS Birds' Animated Short

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shorts halloween youtube animation cute simons-cat Cats funny Video animals - 830470

Simon's Cat Halloween Special 'Bat Cat'

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shorts youtube cute animated simons-cat funny Video - 771846

Simon's Cat Presents: "It's A Dog's Life"

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Life's Too Short

Photo of a dog with short legs
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I Should Have Mentioned Into What

shorts pants donkey - 6665539584
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If You Were My Daughter You'd Never leave the House

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It Was Probably Bill

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