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Let's get some shoes. Shoes are what separates us from a banana. That and a few genetic twists. Shoes have become a global sensation for young and old collectors alike. If you're all about that footwear and everything that has to do with it, fantastic. But not flip flops or sandals, get out of here with that nonsense.

Memebase: Overly Attached Dog

destruction Memes shoes - 6455413248
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Especially with the leopard print spandex pants.

captions Cats fashion shoes style taste - 6452636416
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Animal Capshunz: Should've Picked the Green Wellies, Frank

attention captions chickens hens ignored ladies pink rooster shoes sneakers - 6408211968
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Fashion Police

crocs shoes yorkie yorkshire terrier - 6392885248
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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Iz a Foot, Nawt a Kitteh LOL!

Cats comfort is relative cyoot kitteh of teh day feet hiding kitten shoes - 6403181824
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Lolcats: ai playz

captions Cats cute game hide and seek hiding if it fits lolcats play shoes squee - 6367248896
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crocs david attenborough humping narration nature shoes tortoise Video - 38312961

David Attenborough's Best Narration Ever

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Animal Gifs: Koala Cutie

baby cute gifs koala koalas leg multipanel shoes squee tumblr - 6095096576


cat Cats destroy destruction eat eating fashion Hall of Fame lolcat nom shoes - 6056244736
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You Don't Have to Be So Literowl

Owl shoes too big - 5984926464
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It's Always Sunny in Philacatia

Awkward boots cat kitten shoes - 5939156736

Animal Capshunz: Have You Tried Not Wearing Shoes?

bird birds caption disappointed Owl owls shoes too big - 5836448512
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GIF: Slipper Spaz

gifs shoes slippers spaz stuck wrestling - 5855875072
biting monkeys nom nomming shoelaces shoes snow monkey squee Video - 33065729

VIDEO: Baby Snow Monkey Noms Shoelace

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Goggie Gif: Dees Shooz Rilly Nawt Gud

best of the week boston terrier do not want gifs Hall of Fame noms not shoes snack temptation treat - 5732782080

Acting Like Animals: This Dog is Rocking Chuck Taylors

acting like animals argument hat shoes your argument is invalid - 5660209152
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