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Let's get some shoes. Shoes are what separates us from a banana. That and a few genetic twists. Shoes have become a global sensation for young and old collectors alike. If you're all about that footwear and everything that has to do with it, fantastic. But not flip flops or sandals, get out of here with that nonsense.

Trying on New Shoes

shoes gifs boston terrier - 8368695552
Created by ani.s4

Added Bonus: Can't Exercise While Sitting

animals shoes exercise if i fits i sits Cats - 8365128192
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Not Sure It Was Worth the Trouble

shoes chow chow - 8341248768
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Someone Has Some Extra Pep in Their Step

gifs shoes running - 8335068672
Via Bing

The Cutest Shoe Warmer Ever

shoes kitten cute Cats - 8321016576
Via deckpumps_n_deldos

Tread Lightly...He's Sleeping

cute shoes sleeping - 8221138432
Created by AngelAndz

Look Out! Ais in Here!

shoes kitten cute slippers - 8237848320
Via deckpumps_n_deldos

Just Taking His Bunny for a Walk

bunnies cute shoes - 8237843968
Via Kyle079

Is It The Shoes?

cool shoes gifs - 8220420864

Dis Mine?

shoes puppies cute - 8219464192
Via JackFlower

We All Know That Feeling

llamas happy shopping shoes - 7544159232
Created by DAVINATOR8001 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

This is the Last Time I Wear Bread Shoes

ducks gifs funny shoes - 8179032064
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )

High Heels Are Awkward the First Time You Try Them On

Awkward Cats gifs shoes - 8192852736

If the Shoe Fits, I Sits

Cats gifs shoes - 8180003328
Created by anselmbe

I'm Gonna Getcha!

cute hedgehog shoes prank - 8174962944
Via Brettjessie

Wait! Which Way Does Teh Bunneh Go Around Teh Tree?

cute help funny puppies shoes - 8171646976
Created by AngelAndz