Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#130)

The time has come for your weekly dose of cuteness and positivity. Getting through the week can be hard sometimes, negative things can just catch you off guard out of nowhere, and in those moments, you have to have some wholesomeness and positivity to be able to look at so you can be uplifted on a moment's notice. 

That's why every single week, we go through every corner of Reddit, looking for the most wholesome and adorable animals that we can. This weekly dose of cuteness will put a smile on your face even during the most difficult moments of the week, that's a guarantee. 

May you have a lovely week, everyone!

pics and vids of the cutest animals of the week thumbnail includes a picture of a family portrait in which everyone including the cat is wearing a face mask 'A Family portrait during the Spanish Flu, 1918 u/Thereaper29'
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