I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral thread about a family adopting three kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two kittens and a cat and another of a kitten 'We adopted a whole litter, luckily it was only 3 kittens, all ladies... Much more than we were planning on, but we found we just couldn't split these best friends up Awar'

Family Adopts A Whole Litter Of Kittens, Shenanigans Immediately Ensue (Viral Thread)

So many kittensss
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Story about how a tiktok dog celebrated his birthday | thumbnail includes three screenshots of the birthday dog 'help me get ready for my 1st birthday pawty, frens here?'

The Pawty Of A Lifetime: Tiktok User Gives Audience A Peek Into Her Dynamic Doggo's B-day

It's his b-day mother puppers
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tweets about kittens hiding in random places | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Sarah Hollowell ... @sarahhollowell "Get a kitten," they said, "it'll be fun," they said, "you definitely won't be listening to him play under the couch and then you pull it away from the wall and he's not there so you touch the back of your couch and it touches back because the KITTEN IS INSIDE THE COUCH" 3:27 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,233 Retweets 154 Quote Tweets 17K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hooligan Kittens Who Get Into All The Places They Shouldn't

*mild heart attack happens* oh, there you are.
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tumblr threads and posts about a cat who keeps causing mischief thumbnail includes two pictures of a cute black cat 'Text - sandersstudies Follow My husband has informed me that around 2-3am he woke up to muffled screaming and discovered that the cat had pulled open the Tupperware drawer and crawled inside, but her weight had closed the drawer and she was stuck inside and needed rescuing.'

Tumblr Thread: Delinquent Cat Keeps Causing Mischief

Her cute face allows her to get away with anything...
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pictures of cats being weird thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a cat posing weirdly inside of a litter box and another of a cat looking like it's falling out of a window 'Comfort - Vertebrate - Posted by u/Ian--McKellen That's not how you are supposed to use it Posted by u/ughhhfine She'll hold this pose until you pet her...'

Cats That Don't Really Know How To Cat

Only slightly wrong.
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16 images of animals being naughty |  thumbnail left cat stuck in structure, thumbnail right sleeping dog with mess around him

15 Naughty Animals Getting Themselves Into All Kinds Of Mischeif

Endless mischief
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cats funny pics silly shenanigans animals aww cute lol cat | This is Tobiko. He likes to climb into trash bins and take naps. cat with white nose snuggled inside a trash can. How dare you? This is the cat ladies room. chonky cat with large round eyes sitting on a toilet

Cats And Their Silly Shenanigans (25 Glorious Cat Pics)

..and we worship them for it.
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viral imgur thread about a senior declawed cat who got adopted on Halloween | thumbnail includes two pictures including a curled up black cat and a black cat hiding in a cupboard '"She was declawed in her youth, poor baby. I can’t put her claws back, but I give her good foods and play with her and love her like any human family member LovesToSpooge517'

Thread: Declawed Senior Black Cat Gets Adopted And The Shenanigans Never Stop

Nothing can stop this senior void.
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tumblr thread about a cat causing mischief | thumbnail includes one picture of a man holding a cat up above a pile of cat food and one tumblr post 'Font - kaity--did Follow Do you know how hard it is to live with a cat that has the intelligence level of literally like a 3 year old but the pure chaos of a high ranking demon? He's learned to open the lazy Susan and won't stop clawing open the flour and rolling in it like a little chinchilla'

Tumblr Thread: Criminally Intelligent Cat Causing Chaos

Pure chaos of a high ranking demon.
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video of a tiny owl's shenanigans | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny owl holding a piece of toilet paper in its beak

Newly Rescued Adorable Tiny Owl Causing Mischief (Video)

The shenanigans have already started.
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imgur thread about a cat getting rehomed | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat near a climbing wall and a cat lying on someone's lap 'First four days with my rehomed kitty! The mystery of how the cat tunnel made it to the kitchen is solved DukeNukemsD*ck'

Thread: The Awwdorable Shenanigans Of A Newly Re-Homed Cat

One week, and hooliganism already started.
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collection of posts about animals being jerks | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying across a bunch of hangers 'Most efficient way to spread white hair over all your black clothes u/strohLopes'

When Animals Act Like Total Jerks

...yeah, we still love them...
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posts of cats being weird | thumbnail includes a picture of a ginger cat making a dumb face 'All orange kots share one brain cell. u/Azsnee09' and a cat biting a huge avocado 'My cat eating a whole ass avocado at 1:30 am u/GiveMeBepis'

Just Posts Of Cats Being Total Weirdos

That's what makes them purrfect.
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viral imgur thread of two black cats fooling around | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black cat making funny faces under the couch 'Just potato fannying around BangersandMashthekittens'

Viral Thread: Awwdorable Hooligan Black Cats Fooling Around

Black cats are awesome.
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12 images and videos of pet mischief | thumbnail left parrot perched on bowl of cereal, thumbnail right large cat sitting on bed of flowers

Animal Mischief And Shenangians: What's The Pet Done This Time?

Awdorable Hooligans
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10 images of cats with bee stings | thumbnail left white and orange cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right grey and white cat laying down with swollen paw being held by human hand

The Bees Are Back In Town: Next Stop Cats

How To Take Care Of Your Cat Post Bee Sting
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