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original ICanHasCheezburger story about a cat falling asleep in funny positions | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat

Cat Surrendered To Shelter Looking For New And Fun Places To Sleep In Furrever Home

Cats sleep in the weirdest places sometimes smh.
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15 photos of bonded pair cats | Thumbnail includes two photos of two pairs of cats cuddling and laying together 'Bonded For Life'

15 Pairs Of Bonded Cats That Are Furrever Attached At The Hip

It's a forever type of thing
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A Youtube video about the rescue story of a blind cat named Bruno | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a black and white cat looking at the camera and meowing

Woman Rescues A Blind Cat From The Shelter She Works At And Loves Him Back To Health (Video)

We love a heartwarming rescue story
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A YouTube video about the story of Bug, a white cat foster fail | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of Bug the cat in the shelter and a screenshot of a man holding and hugging a cat

Dude Who Claimed To Be A Dog Person Begged His Wife To Adopt A Cat That Loves To Cuddle (Video)

A match made in heaven
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19 before and after photos of cats that we're adopted into their forever homes | Thumbnail includes a before photo of an orange kitten and an after photo of the same orange cat but healthy

Power Of Love: 19 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Were Rescued And Adopted Into Furrever Homes (June 22, 2022)

Patience + love = recipe for success
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A TikTok video about a feral cat that was adopted into a home where the other cat helped her adapt | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from a tiktok video of a feral cat being aggressive and a man carrying a cat cage 'In January I fell in love with this 2 year old feral cat at a shelter oh, and she was reaaal We decided to adopt her anyway spicy'

Spicy Feral Cat Is Rescued Into A Family, Their Other Cat Helps Her Adapt

He told her she could trust these hoomans
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5 TikTok videos of pictures of cats before and after they were adopted | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat before she was adopted and a photo of her after adoption in her forever home

TikTokers Show Heartwarming Photos Of What Their Cats Looked Like In Their Shelter Photos Vs Now

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7 TikToks about a rescued cat named Azula and her overcoming her anxiety | Thumbnail includes a cat in a bed, a cat sleeping, and a cat grooming itself 'The shelter had me sign papers saying she was extremely anxious and hated new places. This is day one. I think she likes me. Azula has been home for a week now and I can confirm this cat does not have anxiety.'

Woman Who Was Warned About Her Rescue Cat Being Extremely Anxious Begs To Differ

Shelters are stressful environments, of course she was anxious
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story about an autistic boy volunteering in a cat shelter | thumbnail includes two pictures including a boy holding a cat in his lap and a boy with kittens all over him 'Rectangle - HisMomm · 3d ... (OC) My son is autistic & LOVES cats, so for the past 4 years he has volunteered to socialize the cats & kittens at our local animal shelter to help get them adopted'

Heartwarming Story Of An Autistic Boy Volunteering At A Shelter And Helping Cats Get Adopted

Pure wholesomeness.
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An article with 5 tiktok videos about Quin, her two cats, and their life on the roat | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from Tiktok videos with bedding, cats, a waterfall, and the ocean

Wonder Woman Cat Lady Rescued Two Cats Then Traded Her 9-5 For The Van Life

She's living life
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Twitter thread of pet owners loving their pets despite inconveniences | Thumbnail includes 'Following a bunch of animal rescues on instagram informed me that people RETURN cats for the flimsiest reasons, or no reason at all, which is unthinkable to me! Even if I got a bad cat I would be like well this is my shitty cat now congrats pal here's a lifetime of care & treats.'

Twitter Users Tell Us About Their Not-So-Perfect Perfect Cats

To love is to accept
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Video of homeless man and rescued dog | thumbnail includes a screenshot of the homeless man and dog 'I've learnt how to give love, more importantly receive it,'

Homeless Man Rescued Mistreated Dog, Now The Dog Rescues Him Back Every Day (Video)

The most wholesome friendship ever
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list of discussion about working in animal shelters | thumbnail "And yet I saw a man today insisting to return a puppy because it was "very aggressive" and he "feared for his safety" so much so that he kept the puppy in the crate. He sent us a video of the "aggression" and my whole team almost died. The puppy was on his back and chewing on his shoelace.... that's it. Calmest example of puppy play l'd seen. Yes, he is no longer allowed to adopt from us."

Beautiful And Less Beautiful Every Day Animal Shelter Occurrences

It happens every day
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story of a cat mom getting adopted a few months after her kitten into the same forever home | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten sitting on a woman and a cat next to her eight kittens

After Adopting A Kitten, Woman Returns To Shelter For Cat Mom Who Has Been There For 6 Months

Simply couldn't leave her there.
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video of a senior dog who was abandoned in a cemetery getting rescued | thumbnail includes a picture of a dirty dog getting petted

Brave People Break Into Cemetery To Rescue And Abandoned 15-Year-Old Dog (Video)

A happy ending <3
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original ICanHasCheezburger video about an orphaned cow getting rescued | thumbnail includes

Rescued Orphaned Cow Loves Comforting Other Animals

The most heartwarming story <3
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