I Can Has Cheezburger?


Tiny Snail Kisses

Babies bugs tiny mommy shells snail squee - 6663181568
Created by Unknown

Got Your Back

piggy back shells snail squee puddles - 6595399680
Created by sixonefive72

Daily Squee: Squee Spree: Tortoise Overload

baby mama overload shells squee squee spree tortoise - 6497281536
Created by Unknown

Animal Gifs: I HATE YOU, TREE!

angry breaking gifs monkeys punching shells trees - 6403687424
Via Head Like an Orange

Daily Squee: Teeny Tiny Turtles

baby Hall of Fame handful hands shells squee tiny tortoise turtles - 4381785344
Created by Yabbadabadu
crabs lego legos shell shells Video - 36449793

Animal Videos: Hermit Crab in a LEGO Shell

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Animal Capshunz: Hello, Turtle!

caption eggs hands hello shells tiny turtle turtles world - 6045001472
Via The Animal Blog