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Paws And Enjoy This Week’s Best Dog Tweets

For all of you out there who are having a ruff week, we have the best treat full of the best boys and girls. That's right, it's dog time. Time for cuteness, wholesomeness, funnies, and ridiculousness, in the way that only twitter can do right.

Twitter loves dogs almost as much as we do, so there's never a shortage of good boys and girls on there, and since we feel the need for a little boost of pawsitivity this week, we figured you might need it too. And one thing that is always guaranteed to bring some goodness into our lives is dogs. So, enjoy, smile, ruffle your dog's head, and have a wonderful weekend.

A collection of dog tweets thumbnail includes two pictures including one of Camilla Cabello hugging a dog and another of Shawn Mendes hugging a dog and one tweet ‘Dog - camila ... @Camila_Cabello our dogs kind enough to take pics w their biggest fans 1:52 AM Feb 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 9,847 Retweets 2,009 Quote Tweets 89.5K Likes’
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