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28 shark gifs | thumbnail left shark jumping out of water, thumbnail right shark and human swimming underwater

Super Sharp Shark Dump (Gifs)

Howdy folks! It's true, we usually focus on land based animals, but today we decided to shine a spotlight on our deep sea friends, sharks ! “Let’s face it, sharks have a bad rap. Thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping, sharks have become feared rather than revered. They’re labeled as dangerous, indiscriminate killers that eat anything in sight. But in fact, sharks are most often the victims. They’re killed by the millions annually to supply demand for their fins, which are made into…
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tumblr posts about the stereotypes surrounding dolphins and sharks | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - O pizzaback-deactivated20201011 I hate how the stereotype is that dolphins are good and sharks are evil, when dolphins are so smart that they have the capacity for evil but sharks are simple fish who can only be true neutral, so even if a minority of dolphins are evil there are still more evil dolphins than sharks rageclit quality marine philosophy discourse'

Tumblr Posts: How Shark And Dolphin Stereotypes Are So Wrong

Sharks are actually super very nice and kind.
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scary video scary family

Dad Captures Terrifying Footage Of A Shark Approaching His Family

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funny tweets

We Have Found Some Funny Tweets About Sharks You Must Read Now

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belly rubs shark Video - 501766

Belly Rubs

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snapchat cute shark funny - 9239684096
Via Instagram
people are loving these IKEA shark stuffed toy

People Are So In Love With The New Plush Shark Toy Released By IKEA

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Daddy Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Via Imgur
jaws art rock shark - 4807685

Artist Transforms a Simple Rock Into a Fierce Shark Straight Out Of "Jaws"

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Funniest animal memes on the internet | Animal - Rare image shark stepping on Lego.

35 Hilarious Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

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hate toys french bulldogs shark Video - 84341249

Swayze the French Bulldog Can't Hide Her Hatred of a Toy Shark

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Oh, Like You've Never Seen a Shark-Tortoise Before?

tortoise in shark costume
Via isaynonowords

Wow, Shark Week Has Really Gone Down Hill

adorable pig in a shark costume at the beach
Via freegan4lyfe
cat drawing art sharks shark illustration Cats - 847877

These Shark-Cat Illustrations Are Both Fascinating and Terrifying

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pig ocean cute beach shark cupcakes - 77174785

Snort Attack!

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scary shark Video - 75701505

A Very Close Call With a Great White Shark

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