I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr posts of dogs being too excited to play evil roles in movies | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - lentilswitheverything Follow In the Lion the Witch and the Wardobe movie (the one with Tilda Swinton, not the BBC one) the wolves all have CGI tails. Because they're actually Malamute or Huskie crosses and wouldn't stop wagging their goddamn tails all the time because they were so excited to be playing with all these nice people on this nice set with their nice handlers just out of s'

Tumblr Thread: Actor Doggos' Wagging Tails Ruining Their 'Evil Dog' Movie Shots

Come on, of course they're too good for evil roles.
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tweets about The Suicide Squad's David Dastmalchian adopting a stray cat | thumbnail includes a picture of David Dastmalchian hugging a cat in a costume

Polka Dot Man David Dastmalchian Gets Chosen By A Stray Cat (Tweets)

Polka Dot Man gets a polka dot kitty.
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Don't You Want Me to Be Comfy?

almost more one Pillow set - 5779448832
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Before They Put On All That Makeup

looney tunes set - 7106136064
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what a minute

cant confused fire rain realization set wait - 5979871232
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If you loves sumthin

back caption captioned cat come dont free human hunt if love owner set something you - 5736960512
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Its not like baby teef

baby caption captioned cat Cats different dont harbls have kitten like not second set teeth - 5164687360
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I haz set teh clock

alarm alarm clock caption captioned cat clock kitten pounce set time - 3633463808
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back called caption captioned cat crow Movie needed set title - 4559824384
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