How To Use Your Human Efficiently (A Cat's Illustrated Guide)

We humans are the ultimate servants to the superior beings, also known as cats. We pamper them, we make sure they're comfortable, we feed them, give them fresh filtered drinking water. Some of us provide them a castle in which they can perch themselves upon and judge us from above, their preference really. When they meow, we come running to make sure they're alright. When they throw up, we gently stroke their fur and tell them it's going to be alright, even though the place they've chosen to vomit is on your expensive rug. 

Oh, we also clean their pee and poop. If all that doesn't scream servant to you, then you need a hard look in the mirror and face the truth... we humans serve the cats. 

In collaboration with Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we learn different and efficient ways cats can properly utilize their humans in order to achieve the best results. Those results being living like the true kings and queens they are.

And if you want more cat enjoyment, be sure to check out last week's installment: Cats discuss their recent meal.

how to use her human efficiently - thumbnail of cat using human lap as a bed | use human efficiently An illustrated guide Use human as bed tired. Next time take a break, change into sweatpants please
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