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Desperate disabled cat rescued serious surgery forever home | thumbnail includes three images first image shows a cat with its front legs bent backwards running under a car ‘to run away’, the second image shows an xray of a cat ‘was shocked’, the third image shows a happy orange cat ‘of love’

Desperate Disabled Cat Gets A Fluffy Fresh Start To Life After A Serious Surgery And Finding Its Forever Home

For every act of evil, there is an equal act of good.
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30 pictures of cats and text | Thumbnail includes five pictures including 'Cat', 'Cat', 'Font - Why does my cat's belly smell like maple syrup?', 'Font - Meetvirginiaslims. 1 day ago Mine smells like a library book Reply Share 1.8k', and 'Human body - I now have an intense urge to smell my cats Reply Share 98'

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat: Cat Lovers Of Reddit Rally To Discuss Their Cats' Signature Smells In Hilarious Reddit Thread Of Serious Sniffers (30 Strangely Smelly Cats)

Smelly Cat, smelllllly cat, what are they feeding you?
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derp funny goofy cats derpy silly aww cute serious cat lol animals | funny cat grimacing showing a single fang and holding a plastic knife. cute cat copying its human and lying on its back with its legs leaning on the wall.

Goofy Cats Who Demand To Be Taken Seriously

The sillier the cat -- the cuter.
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compilation serious Cats Video - 83940865

These Overly Serious Cats Do Not Have Time for Your Shenanigans

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Have You Tried Belly Rubs?

animals face cute serious - 8495593472
See all captions Created by plaidcats

Sarcasm from a Hedgehog

lol hedgehog serious funny - 8131499776
Via Whitney Wilson

And You Thought All Owls Were Serious...

birds owls serious funny - 8072164864

Funny Ferret

ferret serious funny - 7453530368
See all captions Created by Lilyolo

Baby Buffalo

calf baby buffalo serious squee - 6636041728
Via Darlene Bushue

The Day After the Election: Why Didn't This Guy Win Again?

elections captions america serious cat serious Cats politics - 6745272576
Via Cybergata

Serious Floof

bird floofy serious bird of prey squee - 6392102656
Created by GalderGollum

I Assure You, It's Deadly Serious

creepy game serious Staring - 6550819328
See all captions Created by MajinBuu

Goggie Gif: Stop Fooling Around!

gifs serious stop toy vizsla - 6552643840

Deadly Serious

kidding lion scary serious stern unimpressed - 6391828480
See all captions Created by seeinstarz84

Animal Capshunz: It Must Be the Feathered Mohawk

batman bird birds Hall of Fame rock serious the joker - 6286997504
See all captions Created by Kurasu

Animal Capshunz: Serious Gorilla is Serious

disappointed gorilla gorillas grumpy serious stare stern - 6128581632
See all captions Created by worksucks
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