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5 TikToks about a granddaughter adopting her late grandpa's cat | Thumbnail includes a cat in a box, a woman holding a cat, and a cat in a kayak wearing a pink jacket 'when I made a split second decision to adopt my grandfather's cat when he passed away i didn't know she'd become ag bet fatend'

Heartwarming Story Of Granddaughter Adopting Her Late Grandpa's Grumpy Cat Mackenzie

Heartwarming and inspiring, just how we like it
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5 TikToks about 16-year-old cat Max with leukemia who is looking for a forever home | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from TikToks: cat laying on woman, woman holding cat, and cat under a bed 'Onineishlives after 6 years in the shelter, my 16 year old shy Feline Leukemia Positive foster cat Max is no longer so shy and seems happy and knows hets safe after 6 years in the I love being his foster mom and am wondering if you want to be his forever home'

After 6 Years In Shelter, 16-Year-Old Cat Gets Fostered And Is Now Looking To Be Adopted

We're hopeful for a happy ending
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about why people should adopt senior cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat lying down

Senior Cat Seeks To Hurdle Misconceptions About Adopting Older Felines

Senior cats deserve love too <3
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7 TikToks about Ginny, a rescued senior cat and her food insecurities | Thumbnail includes Ginny the senior cat laying on a chair, Ginny laying on the floor, and Ginny waiting to be petted 'You've just been rescued as the only pet of a millennial couple who work-from-home. Ginny hates to eat alone. She likes the company and reassurance that it's safe.'

Hoomans Adopt Senior Cat Ginny And Help Her Deal With Her Food Insecurities

Best hoomans ever
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A youtube video about a senior cat that got rescued by a lady in France | Thumbnail includes a close up of the rescued orange cat 'geobeats'

Asymmetrical Senior Cat Mike Gets Rescued By Woman Who Was Abandoned As A Baby Herself

From rags to riches baby
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4 Tiktok videos about a cat names Frank who has dementia | Thumbnail includes a picture of a sleeping cat, a woman washing the dishes while carrying a cat, and a sitting grey cat '💕baby Frank💕, Baby wearing my senior cat because he screams if he isn’t held because he has ✨dementia✨, Chunky💝'

Frank The Senior Cat With Dementia Demands To Be Held At All Times

This one goes out to all our senior (cat) citizens
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collection of stories celebrating pets with imperfections | thumbnail include a picture of a ginger cat in a box and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Michelle Timpe Quan We adopted Jax from Seattle Humane as a senior kitty. He was a street cat and his ears were damaged from fighting and his scratching at ear infections. His ear "imperfections" are what people comment on immediately. He has the sweetest personality. OD 3 Like Reply Hide Send Message 6h'

Celebrating All The 'Imperfect' Pets: Seniors, Sick Pets, Rehomed Pets, Returned Pets And More

ICanHasCheezburger edition <3
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collection of senior pet adoption stories | thumbnail includes one picture of a black and white cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Bobbie AF This is Kevin Murphy. Mostly blind and deaf, toothless, FIV+, rescued from a barn hoarding situation, few years in a foster home, few more years in a shelter, a decade in a cat "rescue/sanctuary," and we were able to bring him home a few years ago to get some better vet care, heated bed, and all the love he can tolerate'

Wholesome Senior Pet Adoption Stories Warming Everyone's Hearts

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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video of a horse befriending a senior horse and teaching it how to have fun | thumbnail includes a picture of two horses walking together

Gentle Giant Horse Teaches Neglected Senior Horse How To Enjoy Life Again (Video)

A gentle friendship <3
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woman adopts new puppy and neglects her senior dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for getting another dog? A. hole I (F45) got a new dog almost five months ago. She’s very young and energetic, nothing like my older dog who doesn’t do much anymore'.

Woman Adopts Young Puppy And Ignores Her Senior Dog: Reddit Weighs In

She Did What?
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tweets about a minute changes and adoption senior and sick pets thumbnail includes a picture of a senior cat 'Vertebrate - Kristen @CripCamper2020 I went to adopt a kitten today. Instead I ended up adopting a 7 yr old chubby tub of love with sad eyes that were begging for a mommy. It was love at first sight. I can't wait to bring him home and spoil him silly. Meet Eli. 3:35 AM Jan 14, 2021 - Twitter for Android 2.4K Retweets 489 Quote Tweets 63.6K Likes'

People Tweet About Changing Their Minds And Adopting A Senior Pet At The Last Second

Sometimes, they just paw their way right into your heart.
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video of a severely overweight cat starting to lose weight | thumbnail includes a picture of an obese orange cat

18-Year-Old Mega-Chonker Senior Cat Starts Life-Changing De-chonking Journey (Video)

He's already so successful <3
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collection of stories about senior cats getting adopted | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Bob Roby We found Maggie close to death in our driveway and nursed her back to health. The vet estimated at the time that she was 9 years old. She only weighed 4 pounds. Three years later she's happy and healthy, and sleeping in my lap as I type this. OD9 15 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 2d'

Giving Senior Cats Love: Wholesome Stories Of Adopting Senior Kitties

Adopting a senior is a special thing <3
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video of a senior cat and a senior cockatoo hanging out together | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and a cockatoo next to each other

40 Year-Old Cockatoo And 17 Year-Old Cat Hanging Out (Video)

Some friendships are a little different.
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viral imgur thread about a fifteen year old chinchilla | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chinchilla '15 years with TJ!! 2006 nezdower'

Viral Thread: Celebrating A Senior Chinchilla's 15th Birthday

The most wholesome thing you'll see today <3
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story about a senior stray cat getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a scared stray cat

Senior Cat Returns To Woman Who Was Kind To It And Decides To Be Adopted

Sometimes, they choose us <3
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