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twitter thread about people adopting senior cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sarah schauer @sarahschauer picture this: you're at a cat shelter, a really old cat slowly makes their way towards you and sits at your feet. Your partner comes running up with two kittens and says "we can go now." The old cat reaches up to touch you but you stand up to go. You guys walk out 1:44 AM - Nov 10, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 973 Retweets 483 Quote Tweets 42.3K Likes'

Wholesome Stories About People Choosing To Adopt Senior Cats Over Kittens (Twitter Thread)

Senior kitties deserve so much love <3
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12 pictures of senior cats from Reddit | Thumbnail includes a senior tabby cat sleeping on a human's lap like a baby with its mouth open and a picture of a grey and white cat sitting in a cardboard box wearing a tie '11 year old sleeping like a baby Celebrating his 14th birthday in style'

End The Weekend On A Good Note With Some Feline Appreciation: 12 Senior Cats Not Looking A Day Over 5

Looking young as ever
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collection of stories about adorable senior cats | thumbnail includes a black and white photo of a man cuddling a cat 'We adopted this senior last year at 13 & 1/2. He's an insulin dependent diabetic. My husband has refractory epilepsy and has seizures in clusters. Noonie (the cat), will lay on him after seizures right where he can feel him breathing every day until the seizures stop Kimberly Whelan Dunn'

Wholesome Moments That Show Just Why Senior Cats Are Amazing Pets: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

Giving love to our seniors <3
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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people shared photos and stories of their adopted senior cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a senior Calico cat with green eyes and a picture of a tabby cat sleeping on a blue surface 'My senior rescue came home December 7th. Vet thought that she could be about 8. She was getting overlooked at the shelter became of her age, and that she looked pretty scruffy. At least he experienced love before the end'

Wholesome Stories Of Good People Adopting Senior Cats Because They're Constantly Overlooked At Shelters

This is your sign to adopt a senior cat
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video of a senior cat being taken on a stroll in a carry wagon | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a carry wagon

15-Year-Old Super-Senior Cat Goes For A Leisurely Stroll In A Carry Wagon (Video)

Wholesomeness and calmness.
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A Youtube video about two senior cats that were adopted into a home at different times but fell in love in the end | Thumbnail includes two pictures of an orange/brown cat grooming a white and black fluffy cat

Woman Adopts Two Senior Cats And It Just So Happened That They Fell In Love (Video)

Some things are just meant to happen
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viral imgur thread with information about how to take care of senior cats | thumbnail includes two images of senior cats 'Feline behavior post senior cats adrianontherocks'

Everything Cat Owners Need To Know About How To Take Care Of Senior Felines: Informative Viral Thread

Very impurrtant to know.
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collection of senior cat adoption stories | thumbnail includes a picture of a ginger cat with one eye and one Facebook comment 'He was 9yo and returned to the rescue because he didn’t get along with the new puppy and the puppy won. He was having issues with his eye so the rescue had it removed. I HAD to have him and have never regretted that decision. After going through not one, but two prior homes he is now in his furever home and has stolen my heart Amy Graf Young'

Wholesome Senior Cat Adoption Stories Because Mature Ladies And Gentlemen Are Purrfect Too

They deserve some love too.
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original ICanHasCheezburger song about the oldest cat to ever live | thumbnail includes an image of a woman holding a guitar and a cat sleeping next to her

A Tribute Song To The Oldest Cat Ever Who Grew To 38 Years Old: Creme Puff (Video)

An original song by the talented Tracy Thorne.
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13 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people share photos and stories about adopting senior cats in order to make their last years as comfortable and loving as possible | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman wearing a blue mask and holding her adopted senior cat 'This woman adopted this 20-year-old cat from a shelter because she didn't want him to spend the end of his life alone in a cage.'

Cat People Adopt Senior Cats To Give Them The Best Last Years Of Their Lives: Twitter Thread

The definition of compassion and selflessness
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about a senior cat looking for a forever home | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a funny face and a cat inside a cat tree

Senior Cat Looking For Furrever Home Reveals His Big Purrsonality To Humans

Senior cats deserve love too <3
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15 screenshots of a story about a man who thought he adopted a stray cat but the cat ended up having another owner | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat looking at the camera 'I took Tux to the vet to get his microchip placed (a requirement for the move) and when the vet scanned him they found he already had a microchip installed. I was stressed (at this stage I had had him for five years)'

After 5 Years Of Caring For A Rescued Senior 'Stray', Man Finds Out He Had An Owner All This Time

Plot twist
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21 photos and stories of senior cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of three kittens and a photo of a woman holding three senior cats 'how it started vs. how it's going...16 years later'

Paying Respects To Our Senior Citizens With A Series Of 21 Senior Cat Stories And Photos

A token of appreciation for the senior cat community
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15 screenshots from Reddit about a senior cat that demands to be spooned every night before bed | Thumbnail includes a photo of a man cuddling a cat in bed and a photo of a cat sticking its tongue out 'My senior cat won't let me sleep unless I spoon him every night'

Senior Cat Refuses To Fall Asleep Unless His Hooman Spoons Him Before Bed

So fragile and gentle 🥺
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3 TikTok videos about how a woman's senior cat passed and she later rescued a kitten that looks exactly like the senior cat | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of the late senior cat and a screenshot of the new rescued kitten 'My senior cat that I recently lost The kitten I just found in a pile of logs after someone threw her off the highway in a tote'

Woman's Senior Cat Passed, So She Sent Her Hooman An Identical Kitten Replacement To Rescue

This is no coincidence
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A YouTube video about a man and his senior cat | Thumbnail includes a man and a white, orange, and black cat cuddling

Man Tells A Heartwarming Story About The Bond He Has With His 23-Year-Old Cat

They're soulmates for sure
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