I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Dog Complains About Owner Sitting In His Spot (Video)

This is where /I/ fart, human, move.
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As It Should Be

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The Cat Rules

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These Seats Must Have Been Designed by Hoomins

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The Floor is All Yours!

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You're Invading My Personal Bubble

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I Like to Stretch Out

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If We Leave it... He Will Come

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That One Too

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Of Course, I'm So Sorry, Sir

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If I'd Known You'd Keep Doing This, I'd Have Stayed in the Swamp

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There's eben this cushy soft stuff on it called carpet, see?

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But I called 'Shotgun'!!

Bunch of monkeys checking out a car.
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Lolcats: Again.

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1 seat for me

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Can You See the Taco Truck Now?

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By Unknown
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