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Babbyyyy, I can give you a kiss from Seal if you have enough money ;).  Or was it a seal? Whether you're looking for the international superstar crooner or the adorable aquatic acrobat, you'll find all that and more to get your fill of puns humor and memes all about Seal...s.

I HATE Fish!

seal kidding Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy so long and thanks for all the fish so long - 6669883392
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gifs wtf seal ocean cinemagraph - 6748364800
Via Head Like An Orange

Seal in a Basket

picnic baby seal beach squee - 6653067520
Via All Creatures

I have SEAL-ed my fate...

costume halloween seal french bulldogs - 6702733824
See all captions Created by TheofficialFry1

I Approve of It

baby cute seal KISS love - 6559453440
See all captions Created by maryquitecontrary

One Cool Seal

cool fashion sunglasses seal squee - 4342468608
Created by sixonefive72

At Least They Didn't Think You Were a Beaver

Sad seal wrong otter species - 6625176832
See all captions Created by daisypusher93

In Fact, You'd Better Stay Thither

seal look dont-know eyes - 6586641664
See all captions Created by roniharvey

Suspiciously Cute Snowball

squee seal snowball snow baby pup camouflage - 4128598784
Created by DyannLynn

Go Bug Your Dad

seal kid mom annoying Hey calling - 6561539328
See all captions Created by kittenlover25

Daily Squee: Sandy Seal Pup

baby beach pup sand seal squee - 6519574528

Hitchin A Ride

beach gifs ocean ride sea turtle seal turtle - 6628657408

Snobby Seal

frown seal - 6328084224
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If You Want Approval, Go Find a Seal

angry disapproval otter pun seal - 6523865600
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I Didn't Know Anybody Like You Existed!

bands laughing seal - 6467647232
See all captions Created by Rustedtricycle15

Animal Capshunz: You Know, It Makes Sense

captions seal - 6470094848
See all captions Created by marusha