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Adorable Tortoise Loves Rubbing His Shell Against Homemade Scratching Devic

"Zo o keepers made a tortoise a homemade scratching station and an adorable video shows the creature wiggling while trying it out. Morgan Brem, a Dallas Zoo intern, created the scratching device for Sunny the radiated tortoise. Made from broom heads, it's perfect for the little animal to itch the impossible to reach spots on the top of its shell. The video shows Sunny wiggling its behind to scratch." This scratching station looks so adorably satisfying for Sunny. We love to see animals being ta…
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Here's How You Can Train Your Cat Not To Scratch Furniture

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Anti-Scratching Paws Glove Is a Definite "NO"

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The Benefits of Scratching Trees for Cats

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10 Cats That Look Absolutely Adorable Scratching an Itch

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Why Scratching is Vital for Your Cat’s Health And Well Being

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Cat Gets Scratches so Good, It Has a Vietnam Flashback

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Pickle the Pig Loves Belly Scratches

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Have You Ever Seen a Cat Scratch Its Own Butt?

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Ooooh! That's It....

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Why Would You Let Me Sit Near It Then?

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Okay now how do I get it in my bowl?

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You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

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Doug, You Got Something on Your Face

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Scratching Cats

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DJ Wiskerz

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