I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 twitter thread images of aerodynamic animal graphs | thumbnail graph aerodynamic pig "The Perpetual Polymath @ThePerpPolymath The aerodynamics of different animals and objects. A thread. 10:55 PM · Nov 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 2,759 Retweets 158 Quote Tweets 19.3K Likes"

Aerodynamics Of Animals Creatively Displayed In Fantastical Twitter Thread

Fantastically interesting
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study about cats sitting in squares | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a Kanizsa square

Scientists Have Examined The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Cats Sitting On Squares

Even if that square is an optical illusion.
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tweets about why crows kill each other

Wildlife Scientist Explains In a Fascinating Twitter Thread Why Some Crows Kill Each Other

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australia Wombat scientists poo - 7196421

Here's Something You Never Thought You Needed To Know: Why Wombat's Poop is Cube-Shaped

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a list that might explain why cats are curious of everything

18 Photos That Prove Cats Might Be Scientist

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if cats were scientists in the 1960's

Cats As Scientists Of The 1960's

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Video showing 7 reasons that cats might actually be scientists

7 Signs That Cats Are Scientists

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Meet the 10 new species discovered by scientists on 2017 - Harry Potter hat animal cover image

The Dragon From “Games Of Throne” And The Hat Of Harry Potter: Scientists Reveal Top 10 Most Bizarre New Species Of 2017

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Cat Scientists: Your New Favorite Tumblr!

1960s Cats science scientists series shoop tumblr - 5986085632
Via Cat Scientists of the 1960s

Don't Mess with Carl

awesome Badass BAMF carl sagan physics science scientists - 5734178816
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Too Bad None of Them Have Provided One to Any Female

good news historic lols orgasm science scientists sexy time - 5416066816
By xyzpdq1

Despite advanced 3-D modeling,

ability art can caption captioned cat couch cushions FAIL figure how modeling occupy scientists sculpture take - 5284544256
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caption captioned captions cat discovery kitteh science scientific scientists siamese - 4232035328
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