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scientific method

video of seals with headgear doing research japanese | thumbnail image of seal poking out from water with antenna on head

Seals Help Japanese Researchers Collect Arctic Data (Video)

Unlikely scientists
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video about inner workings of cocooon | thumbnail animated image of cocoon, green background

Inner Workings Of Caterpillar Cocoons Explained (Video)

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video of giant jellyfish in deep sea | thumbnail giant jellyfish floating around deep sea

Amazingly Rare Deep Sea Sighting: Giant Phantom Jellyfish (Video)

Extraordinary sighting
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12 images of fossils | thumbnail left big tray of many different small fossils, thumbnail right large shark tooth fossil

Man Shows Off Awesome Fossil Collection

Cool science
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video of conservationists using radar technology to track pumas | thumbnail image of puma

Conservationists Track Pumas With Radar Technology (Video)

How cool are pumas
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video explaining impact of seaweed on cattle feed | thumbnail image of cows on farm

Scientists Say Seaweed May Save The World From The Toxicity Of Cow Farts (Video)

Seaweed?! Say whaaaat
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video of insects in flight | thumbnail two insects "flight"

Extraordinary Portraits of Insects in Flight (Video)

Extraordinary world of insects in flight
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video of monarch butterfly time lapse emerging from cocoon | thumbnail image of monarch butterfly wing visible through cocoon

Amazing Time Lapse From Cocoon To Beautiful Monarch Butterfly (Video)

Nature is pretty neat
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video of male ostrich trying to get attention of potential mates | thumbnail left close up ostrich face, thumbnail right ostrich dancing

Ostrich Puts On Performance Of A Lifetime In An Attempt To Attract A Mate (Video)

It's time for this ostrich to show the ladies what he's got
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video of angelina jolie showing art and necessity of bee keeping | thumbnail left bee hive set up, thumbnail right angelina jolie wearing bee keeper clothing, looking at bees

Angelina Jolie Shows Us The Amazing Art of Beekeeping (Video)

Celebrity and philanthropist Angelina Jolie took a recent trip to France to check out the program “Women for Bees.” To be frank, bees are disappearing because of humans. According to Woodland Trust , the biggest causes of bee population decline include everything from habitat loss to climate change . Women for bees is working to preserve the existing bee habitats and exploring ways to improve the unfortunate decline in honeybees. This video shows us that bees are one of the most important anima…
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scientific video about ferrets | thumbnail ferret walking through see through structure in nature

Interesting Scientific Facts Behind The Bendiness Of Ferrets (Video)

These super flexible predators are very unique. The ferret has a well-adopted body design, the flexibility in the ferret is due to a unique position of back vertebrae. In other mammals, the protrusion on each section of the spine stops it from moving too far. In ferrets, these protrusiona are more tenuous, and create flexibility and mobility. Their spines can essentially spread out when the ferret travels in a pipe or underground, thus increasing their body length by up to 30%! That's a pretty …
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video of inner workings of turtle shell, thumbnail left turtle "whats inside a turtle shell" bubble, thumbnail right scientific diagram turtle shell

Inner Workings Of A Turtle Shell (Scientific Video)

A turtle can’t crawl out of its shell. In fact, the shell is actually part of a turtle’s skeleton, as much of our ribcage is of ours. But if you could peer inside a shell, you’d find some of the most unusual features in the animal kingdom, such as a butt- err, cloaca, that some species use to breathe underwater. Did you know that turtles can actually breathe through their rear ends? Neither did we! Let's learn more. A turtle's shell includes bones and nerve endings that it needs to live and fun…
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13 video and images of manatees | thumbnail left and right manatee swimming in water

Amazingly Little Known Sea Cow Facts To Peak Your Interest

All Things Manatee
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images and videos of butterfly hatching from cocoon | thumbnail left picture of freshly hatched butterfly, thumbnail right picture of cocoon

From Caterpillar To Cocoon To Beautiful Butterfly

A Beautiful Butterfly Captured Emerging From Its Cocoon
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News story list goldfish memory 13 pictures | thumbnail left picture of two goldfish swimming together, thumbnail right bright orange goldfish swimming away showing beautiful orange fins

Three Second Goldfish Memory Theory: Debunked

Science Report Shows The True Extent Of Goldfish Memory
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