I Can Has Cheezburger?


scary whale Video - 74285313

Two Kayakers Had a Terrifying Whale Encounter They Will Never Forget

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scary dolphins surfing Video - 120071

A Surfer Had a Run in With a Dolphin. Thankfully, No One Was Hurt

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A Little Too Close for Comfort

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By Iron-man01

Hide Me

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scary cute bear Cats Video - 72178177

Brave House Cat Is Too Scary for This Black Bear

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Hippos are Scary

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Don't Fall Asleep Tonight

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Just Lucky, I Guess

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I Should Have Expected This on Tarantula Ridge...

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Heck it's a Full on Paw Biter!

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My Guard Dog isn't very Scary

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Best to Watch Scawwy Mobies Wivz a Fwend

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Gif of the Day: Cats Must Really Have Nine Lives Because This Kitty Escaped From a Burning, Collapsing Hotel

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Via CTV News Winnipeg
nature scary Video - 63756545

How Would You Feel if You Were Surprised by a Giant Whale Like This?

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Scarier Than Tigers and Sharks Combined...

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