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cops rat scare lol Video mouse - 86017793

Cop Gets So Startled by a Mouse, He Almost Calls for Backup

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jump scare fake surprise Cats Video scaredy cat - 85116929

Curious Cats Investigate a New Feline Friend, but Are Not Prepared for the Sound She Makes

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Oh Yeah, Totally. Well, Almost. Keep at It

boo cute scare trying well - 6032641536
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Got Get Through Hump Day Somehow

scare grumpy Cats - 8453389312
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Come on, Those Hikers Aren't Gonna Scare Themselves

scare bear break funny - 7754790656
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Pop Goes the Weasel

scare funny - 7667772928
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I Hab Deez Urgez...I Doan No Why.

child scare captions surprise mom Cats - 6937918208
See all captions Created by violetD

Animal Capshunz: Did I Scare You?

birds boo flying jump scare scared startled yelling - 6056780288
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Sorry To Make You Jump, Man

cat gasp gifs scare shock surprise - 6039667456
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eyes Owl scare shock stare surprise - 6030621440
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animated gifs gifs jump prank scare surprise two cats - 4872252416
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afraid caption captioned cat costume failing halloween insult meowloween mother in law not not impressed scare trying witch - 4056196096
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bad haircut basement cat cat scare - 3172675072
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Come getta Q-Tip.. You know you need a Q-tip C'mon.. C'Mon!!

cat scare - 3189508608
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boyfriend cat scare toilet paper - 3178597888
See all captions Created by splittycat