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17 Funny Things Kids Say About Animals

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20 Smart Sayings That Are Perfect For International Dog Day

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And It Won't be Pretty

sayings pants funny - 8120693248
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Trust Me...One Fish is Plenty!

fish funny sayings - 8015889664
Created by Unknown

Mystery Solved

bears poop sayings woods - 7929865472
Created by Unknown

Where Ever You Chill, There is Where You Chill

sayings raccoons funny - 7817644032
See all captions Created by Unknown

Forever Homes for Everyone!

adoption Cats keep calm posters sayings - 6635611904
Via Catasters

Catchy Cat Catchphrases

Cats idioms sayings - 6616299264
Via @Knowsters

Curiosity Strikes Again

captions curiosity lasers mars rover nasa sayings space - 6508201984
Via Cybergata

Animal Memes: Philosoraptor - Would It Be a Sin to Make That Guacamole?

Hall of Fame philosoraptor sayings - 6481767424
Via Reddit

And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES!

Cats comics home illustrations sayings sweet - 6455943680
Via La Pendeja

A Purrfect Slogan

best of the week Cats keep calm keep calm and carry on purr sayings - 6303485696
Via Fraja Beha

Every Minute of Every Day

best of the week Cats keep calm keep calm and carry on posters sayings - 6233365760
Via Etsy

Animal Memes: Insanity Wolf - Our Rage is Stronger

insane Insanity Wolf kill Memes murder sayings wolves - 6140635136
See all captions Created by Trilandian

Animal Memes: Paranoid Parrot - You Do Have a Weird Laugh

birds laugh laughing Memes paranoid Paranoid Parrot parrots sayings - 5949437696
See all captions Created by SluggishTwitch

How Dare You!

hands on hips human-like sayings starfish - 5944100608
See all captions Created by Dylanluke5
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