I Can Has Cheezburger?


list of facts about animals | thumbnail includes a photo of a panda with an egg and the text 'The egg of a panda is larger than that of an ostrich'

19 Totally Real Animal Facts That Definitely Aren't A Joke

Totally real and definitely not made up
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collection of funny fake british names for pets | thumbnail includes a photo of kittens with a union jack and text saying 'other news, my sister London got kitten family group chat is popping off trying come up with name, preferably British themed.'

Proper British Names For Your Proper British Pet

Come here Gov'na!
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Sounds about right

New Study Confirms Cats Can't Spread COVID-19, But Would If Given Option A new study out of the University of Washington has left local pet owners with mixed emotions after scientists confirmed that their beloved pet cats cannot spread the COVID-19 virus, but definitely would knowingly and willingly do so if given the option.
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cats funny satire coworkers work lol animals HR | black cat with large green eyes wearing a blue collar with a star shaped tag staring at its own reflection in a mirror

Man Complains About Cat To HR, Who Is His Other Cat

When your new coworkers don't respect you
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cat memes

Cat Struggles With Identity Crisis After Receiving 20+ Nicknames

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