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santa hat

20 cats in santa hats | thumbnail left black cat with santa hat and bowtie, thumbnail right fluffy cat with santa hat

Merriest Christmas Ready Cats Rocking Their Most Whimsical Santa Hats

Spreading holiday cheer for all to hear
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tiny bats in tiny santa hats - thumbnail of tiny bats in tiny santa hats

Miniature Gallery Of Bats In Tiny Santa Hats

So freakin' cute!
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"All I Want for Christmas Is for My Owners to Stop Dressing Me Up."

snow Cats santa hat - 8997591808
Via tostitos44

Lizard Santa With Own Beard

photo of lizard with santa hat
Via kanyewesterract

Twas The Night Before Christmas and All Through The House... We Could Hear His Puppy Snores

photo of dog wearing santa hat while asleep
Via Cute Overload

Two Little Christmas Treats

Rat wearing santa hat
Via Cutest Paw

Christmas Ham

photo of pig with santa hats
Via Esther The Wonder Pig

Reader Squee: A Bun and His Bauble

Bunday reader squee pets rabbit bunny squee santa hat holidays - 6912944896
Created by Beardchopz


labrador santa hat holidays - 6916888064
See all captions Created by Greybeard55

Better Luck Next Year...

animals christmas santa santa hat snake - 5506147584
See all captions Created by Emerald63

Holiday Reader Squee: Santa Bunny

Bunday christmas reader squee rabbit squee santa hat holidays - 4279564032
Created by Unknown

Holiday Reader Squee: We Wish You a Merry Pig-Mas!

christmas reader squee pets guinea pigs squee santa hat holidays - 6884525056
Created by Unknown

Holiday Reader Squee: Christmas Cookie

christmas reader squee pets Cats squee santa hat holidays - 6888222464
Created by greydragoness

Sadie Claus

christmas reader squee pets santa claus squee santa hat - 6871197440
Created by Unknown

Holiday Reader Squee: Merry Christmas!

christmas reader squee pets squee santa hat holidays - 4294714112

Holiday Reader Squee: Houdini The Horsie

christmas squee santa hat holidays - 4267046400
Created by StrictlyKaty
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