I Can Has Cheezburger?

santa claus

Santa reindeer are actually female | silhouette of Santa in his sled led by eight reindeer flying over the moon

Surprise: According To Science, All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female

All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female
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When The Cat is Worried About Being On Santa's Naughty List

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christmas hedgehogs

5 Totally Adorable Hedgehogs With Tiny Santa Hats

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"So, My Dog Met Santa Claus"

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Scuba Santas Thrill And Delight At Aquariums Around The World

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Can be Exacerbated by Milk and Cookies

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Maybe it was Batsman or Spidyman?

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Just a Tiny Christmas Fib

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Surprise from Santa Claus!

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Fetch Me His Sack...I'll Just Help Myself

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Preddy funneh tew see, akshully!

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Holiday Literary Puns!

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I saw Kitty

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Turtle Claus

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The 25 Days of Catmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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