I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of baby elephant playing in the sand | thumbnail left and right baby elephant playing in sand

Playful Baby Elephant Has Some Fun In the Sun (Video)

Pyi Mai is a super curious and playful baby elephant and he LOVES playing around in the sand. The elephant's caretakers say: "they are always excited about the new arrival of the sand. Pyi Mai is curious to climb up to play with Lek that tries to capture her picture, seems she wants to play with her but finally she gets down to play with her family. " Via YouTube. Elephants are beautiful and majestic creatures! Their intensely large size shows everyone that they are not to be messed with! Their…
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baby elephant playing in the sand - thumbnail of elephant in the sand

Baby Elephant Playing In The Sand (Video)

It's the little things in life
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sand sculptures animals art artist sea life mammals beautiful cool | smiling man sitting behind a realistic lifelike sculpture statue of a sleeping bull made of sand

Insanely Realistic Sand Sculptures Of Animals (35 Pics)

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how to help turtle hatchlings safely get from their nest to the ocean

These Adorable Turtle Hatchlings Need Help - Here's How To Do Your Bit

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beach sand Cats Video - 384007

Beach Cat Loves Hanging Out on This Giant Litter Box Near the Ocean

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Payback Is A... Well, You Know

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Just a Couple of Sand Fleas

beach pugs sand - 9005285888
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Ambush predator

scary trap sand lizard - 8568449536
By tamaleknight

Didn't Even See it Coming

animals buried pugs sand mischief Cats trick - 8478497024
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Rolly Polly Seal

beach gifs sand seal - 6459720704
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Om Nom Dugong Nom

dig food ocean sand water - 6320352512
By Unknown

For all of Those Stuck in the Snow, Here is a Beach Pup

labrador gifs beach dig sand - 8436634112
By ani.s4 (Via vine.co)

Next Time I Wear Sandals

sand hover dog - 8392271872
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Playing in the Sand is Serious

cute sand seals - 8224662784
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It's Cool...I is a Hot Dog!

cute beach hot sand - 8191070208
By anselmbe

Well, I'm Dry...Now What do I do About All This Sand?

desert sand funny wind - 8171975424
Via zkkk
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