I Can Has Cheezburger?


Every man or woman worth their salt. Amazing to think such a everyday commodity was once a pricey luxury. So whether your salty over your steak or that SO that dumped you on the way side, know you can rub salt in the wounds and make it hit home with these punny and hilarious salt jokes.

story about a sign in that Canadians officials have put up that warns people not to let moose lick salt off their cars thumbnail includes two pictures of a sign standing up in the snow in the first picture it says 'DO NOT LET MOOSE' and in the second it finishes 'LICK YOUR CAR'

Canadian Officials Warn People To Not Let Moose Lick Their Cars

Salty and delicious but also risky
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Goat Loaf's Iconic Ballad

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What a Tyrannical Question!

salt funny t rex - 7996284160
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Don't Want Any Mistakes Like Last Time

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Needs more salt.

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And/or MSG lick

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Classic LOLcat

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He Requested That The Ring Be Left Unsalted

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