I Can Has Cheezburger?


17 photoshopped pictures of angry cats with salads | thumbnail three panels side by side cats angry with salad

Photoshopped Cat Funnies: A Flurry Of Felines Who Are Not Happy To Be Presented With A Bowl Of Salad

No, thanks
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dog get a pizza box only to find out a salad is inside - thumbnail of excited pup with pizza box

Short Story Of The Ultimate Betrayal

Honestly, we're siding with the dog
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worms funny salad - 8070405

The Funny Story Of a Woman Who Adopted The Worm She Found in Her Salad

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This Is How Rabbits Party

bar caption bunny rabbits salad - 8988204288
See all captions Created by SPN411

Are you sure about this human?

in cat go caption salad - 8983387904
See all captions Created by Chris10a

And It Doesn't Even Have Bacon Bits in It!

animals cheezburger having cat thought caption salad - 8803322368
See all captions Created by AaronRW

Culinary assassination

animals hamsters funny animals salad - 8576271616
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

I Think I'll Stick with Fries

manatee pun walrus salad - 8385753344
See all captions Created by Sylviag

Well Yoo Askt

Cats salad steak noms tabby - 8426004480
See all captions Created by violetD

Salad Day in the Dark

manatee puns salad - 8386292992
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley
cute food classic salad pig Video - 65362177

Forget the Market, This LIttle Piggy Wants to Go to a Salad Bar

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Can't I Has Just One Bite?

cute bunny salad noms - 8226839808
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hunting Cats salad - 8213451520
See all captions Created by plaidcats

Just Chillin'

cold funny salad frogs - 7996221952
Created by Unknown

They Already Ate All the Lettuce

Food - Othought this wassalad.
Created by Unknown

Squirrel Salad Bar

cute salad squirrels squee - 7919495680
Created by sixonefive72
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