Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Heartbreak Is Based On A True Story

Jenny Jinya's newest comic has such writing this intro through a stream of tears. This time, Jinya has decided to make a comic out of a true story, a story from last year in which a swan had died of a broken heart due to some teens destroying her eggs. 

This comic seems to hurt more knowing it's based on such a sad and cruel story. The thought of anyone hurting any animal is difficult enough, people should be aware that their actions have consequences. And to those who destroyed this swan's eggs, you all should be ashamed. The mother-to-be had six eggs destroyed, leaving her utterly heartbroken and eventually lead to her death. Our hearts break a hundred times over reading this story and of course, seeing Jinya's emotional comic on the subject. 

Jinya creates comics about real issues animals faces such as suffering and abuse. Sometimes (or always), the comics are devastating and leave us in a pile of our own tears. Jinya has the gift of conveying important messages in an achingly haunting yet beautiful way. 

Be sure to have those tissues handy, folks, you're going to need them.

jenny jinyas newest comic of a swan who died from heartbreak | Please! Go away! Comic by JennyJinya Please just.just leave
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