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old art the bible medieval bible ruthf animal art animals - 16191237

Wacky-Looking Animals From Olden Biblical Art

Did they even have animals or just demons back then
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derpy eagles birds ruthf Birds of Prey hunting falcon animals bald eagle - 16134661

Photos That Prove Birds of Prey Are Just As Derpy As Any Other Animal

Birds of prey or birbs of prey?
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zoomies heartwarming ruthf warm and fuzzy faith in humanity zoo zoos zookeeper animals - 16065541

Zoo Animals and Zookeepers Who Have a Special Bond

Animals and zookeepers form secure attachments
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christmas birds snow ruthf birdwatching winter animals holidays - 16024581

The Prettiest Winter Birbs Photographed By Birdwatchers This Season

pretty birds!
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nature wholesome good news endangered species new years ruthf endangered animal rescue positive happy new year happy dog animals positivity 2021 - 15948549

Forty Most Positive Animal News Stories of 2021

Happy animal stories for the soul
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adoption pets ruthf wholesome animals humane society animal shelter animals - 15660037

Celebrating Animal Shelter Appreciation Week With Emotional Stories and Silly Photos From Shelters

Shelter workers deserve the world
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12 cat images like witches | thumbnail three cat images in a row "Is my cat a witch? No disrespect?"

Cats That Are Definitely Familiars to a Witch

Magical cats galore
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12 images of politicians with dogs with text captions | thumbnail lyndon b johnson holding up dog with text "Lyndon B. Johnson reportedly had 8 dogs and loved to play with them. His favorite, Yuki (pictured here teaching LBJ the National Anthem in front of the ambassador to Britain), was found by his daughter at a gas station."

National Dogs in Politics Day: Do Dogs Secretly Run America?

There's been so many dogs in the White House
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