I Can Has Cheezburger?


Priviet Comrade! Russian? We have all of your favorite Russian memes gifs and puns all wrapped up in a bow. Whether you're fluent in Paruski, or learned a few choice swear words from your grandma, all things Russian are here to give you a taste of the motherland.

video of a bear who missed his human friend gently sucking on his hand | thumbnail includes a picture of a bear placing its snout in a person's palm

Bear Who Missed His Human Friend Gives Him Gentle Blubbering Kisses (Video)

Aww so cuuute... and also scary omg.
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cute felt cats artist art russian cool beautiful adorable animals instagram | tiny phone charms shaped like two little cats and another toy doll of a cat sitting on its hind legs wearing a crown shaped pendant on a necklace

Russian Artist Creates Adorable Felt Cats

So much cute
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felt animals art artist aww cute foxes baby animal cuteness | adorable tiny fabric dolls toys shaped like a small panda bear peeking from a pocket and two foxes snuggled together on their backs

Russian Artist Creates Cutest Felt Animals

Like Disney cute
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cute animals animal art russian animals - 9826053

Russian Artist Creates Adorable Wool Animals That Look Like They Came Out Of a Disney Movie

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eyebrows russian stray animals - 9782277

Russian Stray Dog Goes Viral For Its Quirky Eyebrows

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puma adoption instagram russian Cats couple - 7697925

Russian Couple Documents On Instagram Their Daily Lives With Adopted Puma

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art artist masterpiece russian - 7672325

Russian Artist Turns Pepe The Frog Into Masterpiece Paintings

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Absolute Unit Hat Cat

GIF of a woman wearing what looks like a lavish Russian fur hat only to turn around and reveal it is a house cat.
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colorful and surreal compositions

The Pretty Weird Universe of 360Brain (17 Surreal Creations)

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siberian cats in russian farm

A Group Of Siberian Cats Have Taken Over a Russian Farm And The Photos Are Beautiful

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A young ballet dancer, 9 to be exact and from russia is dancing ballet with her brownish black poodle who is also leaping into the air and seems to be dancing ballet as well - cover for a story of a russian photographer that took photos of a young ballet dancer dancing with her dogs.

Russian Photographer Captures Young Ballet's Two Passion, Dancing And Dogs

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luxury clever warmth russian Cats Video - 45102593

Meet Prince Nikolai Stroganov III, the Ultimate Warmth-Lover

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Disapproving Russian Otter

disapproving no otter russian - 6446388224
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russian Video yorkie - 36829697

This Goggie is a Russian Pop Star!

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But You is Curvy and I Like 'em Curvy!

political political pictures Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin vladurday - 5735750656
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I Couldn't Ask for Another

Pundit Kitchen russia russian Vladimir Putin - 5627002112
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