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Smiling Fox Cub Gets Adopted And Befriends Two Dogs After Its Brother Was Run Over

What started off tragic ended up leading to a heartwarming friendship between a fox and two doggos. Cliodhna O'Leary, a 29-year-old animal lover from Cork, Ireland, used to be visited by two foxes from time to time - a brother and sister. But one day, tragically, the brother got run over and died. O'Leary, having grown attached to the beautiful smiling foxes, decided to adopt the 2-week-old fox who lost her brother into her own little family, and in an incredible turn of events, she "watched in awe as the creature befriended her pug and springer spaniel puppy."

Read more about the tragic story and the amazing friendship below!

story about a fox cub whose brother got run over getting adopted and becoming friends with a dog and a puppy thumbnail includes a picture of a smiling for and a picture of a woman holding a pug and a fox smiling in the background
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