Scumbag Woman 'Finds' Lost Dog And Immediately Tries To Sell It Without Finding The Owner First

This. Is. Not. Okay.

If anyone ever finds a wandering dog or cat, it's pure common sense to first check if the animal belongs to anyone -- collar, microchipped, asking around the neighborhood, etc.. What this woman did was the opposite of all that. She saw an opportunity to make some money, regardless of the owners feelings, heartbreak and worry over their missing dog. 

Sansa, a unique Husky with one blue eye, and one brown, seemingly jumped her owners fence when the fireworks went off on the 4th of July. The owners posted a picture of Sansa online, in hopes of someone seeing the lost pup. Then, the unthinkable happened. 

A woman was trying to sell off Sansa online for $200 to the first come seller! Thankfully, the people who commented knew that wasn't her dog and immediately told this woman off. 

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