I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 screenshots from a Reddit thread where someone showed off their dogs' room | Thumbnail includes three photos of the dogs' room, their beds, and decorations 'converted my understair cupboard to a tiny room for my tiny puppers'

Tiny Room For Teeny Tiny Puppers

Rent-free baby
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Inspirational Rooms Loving Pet Owners Have Designed For Their Furry Friends

Inspiring Room Designs Loving Pet Owners Have Created For Their Furry Friends

Cool rooms for pets
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Never Give Your Cat A Whole Bag Of Catnip

cat room nuclear go leave mom - 8992468224
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There's Birds in the Big Room, but Also Dogs

animals horror room outside big caption Cats wonder window - 8803685888
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Please Don't Ask Me.

animals idea room caption no - 8747527168
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Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Room to Put It

room funny - 7620098304
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Teenage Cat has an Attitude Problem

room computer Cats - 7115072256
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And then the human buys new ones

alone carpet cat empty furniture lolcat room - 6075604224
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Car Shopping

asking box caption captioned cat cramped head maru more question room stuck tiny - 4910123264
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Oh hai

anatolian shepherd bed boyfriend couch cuddling girl girlfriend human humans ohai room sleeping - 4701280512
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I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!

angry caption captioned cat denial fight going grounded Hall of Fame reason room shouting upset - 4603938816
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chair cyoot puppeh ob teh day pomeranian pomeranians puppies puppy room space - 4602386944
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afraid caption captioned cat dancing grandma hiding room trauma underwear wide eyed - 4260361984
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caption captioned cat cute dr tinycat meme pocket ride room surgery tiny - 3957958656
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cat confused division explanation german shepherd mixed breed personal space question room - 4178512640
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keep out lolcats mine pomeranian room walk - 3007073536
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