I Can Has Cheezburger?


If Romeo and Juliet Were Kitties

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Breaking Up is Ruff

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Romantic Sloth

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Goggie Gif: True Romance

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Old Romance Movies Would be Better with Cats

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Form An Orderly Line, Ladies

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How Single Cats are Spending Valentine's Day

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Less Than a Week Till Valentine's Day! Let the Lovey Dovey Ickiness BEGIN!

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Romantically Delusional Kitty is Delusional

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Have You Ever Wanted to Learn WAY TOO MUCH About Land Snail Romance?

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She Said She'd Call at Nine... Be Cool. Be Cool.

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Grumpy Cat's Boyfriend

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Ay Girl You Like What You See

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Hey There, Girl. How You Doin'.

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Seconds later, Bernice left, heartbroken.

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So, whaddya think?

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