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The Legend Of Domino The Cat, By The Oatmeal (Comic)

This is one emotional rollercoaster of a comic strip. But we wouldn't expect anything less from The Oatmeal

You may recall some of their other hilarious comics, 'Having a Baby vs Having a Cat,'  or 'How to Walk a Human Being (a Guide for Dogs).'

Both instant classics. 

Domino, on the other hand, is more of a legend. A cat who is unique, with a derpy face and constantly drooling -- the story of Domino will be told from generation to generation. 

cats oatmeal comics funny wild emotional roller coaster wtf cat comic lol weird | bearded man smoking a pipe holding a black and white cat about ten, my dad brought home stray cat named him Domino because black and white spots on his face.
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