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Shake those rocks in your head around a bit, a watch your stony face crumble. It's time to rock out with a geologists favorite band - the Rolling Stones, and feel your sides ache at these hilarious rock jokes and puns.

rocks art animals - 4301061

Artist Paints Amazing and Detailed Animals on Smooth Stones

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a funny list of rock animals in the mountains

11 Incredible Rocks That Look Like Animals

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nails rocks manicure DIY - 1768453

Geode Nails Are the Hot New Manicure Look That Totally Rocks

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Quite A Mouthful

chipmunk mouthful rocks snack - 4351220224
Created by Stephanie Hardison
gifs list rocks otters - 150533

8 GIFs That You Need To See, That Show Why Otters Rock

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Squee Spree: Rock Jumper

rocks antelope Fluffy squee spree squee klipspringer - 6894403328
Via Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden

We're Pretty Boring, So You Should Probably Just Move Along

rocks disguise turtles hiding - 6866298880
Created by Unknown


fish rocks captions excuse me - 6665817856
Via F*** Yeah Cute Animals

Rocking Out

squee meerkat family rocks - 6478636032
Via Bunny Food

I Can Eat This?

beach noms rocks seal - 6333598464
Created by sixonefive72

I Told You Never to Call This Number, Dog!

bears captions hello hello yes this is dog Memes phones rocks - 6497572352
Via Bunny Food

Whatsit: Googly Eyes

beaks bird rocks whatsit wednesday - 4324261120
Created by sixonefive72

Same to You, Buddy!

blue footed birds rocks - 6314647808
See all captions Created by waffletoast111

This Isn't Refreshing At All

bird nest rocks - 6269342976
See all captions Created by Greybeard55

The Dreaded Himalayan Daddy Longlegs

huddled rocks - 6235104512
See all captions Created by 1Snow_Angel

Actually, Given the Economy....

bird grass rocks - 6268198400
See all captions Created by beernbiccies
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