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Via Sho Ko
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"We've been traveling a lot lately and right before we left I had my suitcase on the floor and had to step out for a bit. And there's poor Koko pining away either missing me or knowing we're about to leave or wanting to come with me. Koko you're breaking my heart you sweet little thing!" writes Sho Ko, in the video description. 

Watch sweet Koko get emotional when seeing her owner's suitcase and realizing they are leaving town again. 

Koko, you're breaking our hearts as well! 


Popular Artist Reveals New Comic About Seabirds And Plastic Consumption

Jenny-Jinya is at it again! Breaking hearts and punching our guts -- right in the feels. 

You may recall her popular comic "Good Boy" or the "Black Cat," both devastating illustrations in which death welcomes these poor, defenseless animals whose deaths are related to mankind heartlessness or negligence. 

The artist is creating these stories to shed light on some real problems -- this time, the victim being birds and culprit? Plastic.

Plastic has been linked to a major decline of seabird populations, 67% decline between 1950 and 2010. 

Here's to hoping that this comic opens more eyes to the real problems at hand: 

seabirds comic death plastic sad heartbreaking animals wildlife art artist jenny-jinya | even though i feed you as much as i can illustration of a seabird mother feeding her chick plastic and trash
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