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I once heard a very tall tale about rice, but I was sure there wasn't a grain of truth to it. 

pictures of animals that are made of rice thumbnail includes a picture of a rice alpaca in some broth and another of a bear made of rice lying in broth

Too Cute Rice Animal Creations

how am I supposed to eat these??
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japan sculpture animals straw rice awesome cool | huge sculpture of a snarling gorilla made of wara leftover rice straw standing in a field

Giant Animal Sculptures Made Of Excess Rice Straw

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farmer cat cafe rice Cats Video - 97342977

The Feline Residents Of This Cat Cafe Love Watching The Farmer Next Door Planting Rice

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artist japanese giant sculptures straw rice harvest - 6716421

The Japanese Tradition of Rice Harvest Season Continues With Giant Animal Sculptures Made Of Straw

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Would You Eat a Lunch This Grumpy?

tardar sauce lunch dinner food rice Grumpy Cat - 7041628160
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