Animals: A Thorough Review Complete With Effective Rating System

We learned a lot about animals reading these very, very thoughtful reviews provided by Instagram user @welcometomymemepage.

And not only are these reviews just jam-packed with insightful information about each individual animal, but each review also comes with a complete rating system that has shown to be quite effective.

reviews animals instagram funny rating lol | Raccoons Review Raccoons are Ancient and Powerful creatures who are famous their deep admiration and respect Trash, which is source their Power. Here will outline 3 strategies Raccoons use Defending their Trash and Invading Weak Peoples: 1. Rumble Tumble 2. Biting Hell out 3. Pure Arson rate Raccoons 3 stars their Wisdom, Perseverance, and Violence. Two stars have been deducted due Filth. Elephants Review Hell yeah Big Boys.
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