I Can Has Cheezburger?


video about discovery of mummified crocodiles | thumbnail image of mummified crocodile with people inspecting it

Mummified Crocodile Found In Classroom Floorboards (Video)

Field trip... to the floorboards?
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tumblr thread of people arguing about whether birds are dinosaurs or reptiles | thumbnail includes two sections of a tumblr thread 'Blue - a-dinosaur-a-day Nope birds are dinosaurs though, full stop. we've already defined what a dinosaur is and it includes birds. but reptiles isn't really defined so much as thrown against a wall angrily. alexaloraetheris This entire post sums up everything we're not allowed to mention in our Vertebrata classes because the last time someone'

Tumblr Thread: Drama In The Reptile Community Is Unexpectedly Funny

Completely unnecessary but SO funny.
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16 frog memes | thumbnail left frogs with hats meme, thumbnail right frog floating in small yellow bucket meme "fishingboaproceeds where is he traveling justbananathepalidrome To the stars darlin, to the stars"

A Bountiful Heap Of Frog Memes To Inspire Ribbits And Laughs

Take a gander
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12 Lizard memes | thumbnail includes a photo of a lizard and text saying 'Why does this lizard look like he wants to make me an offer I can't refuse

Amazing Tegu Lizards Who Resemble Smol Dinosaurs

Iguana take a look!
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video of baby chameleons changing colors perched on man's finger | thumbnail baby chameleon flicking tongue out while perched on man's finger

Baby Chameleon Changes Color Pattern (Video)

Blending in
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story of alligator gar found in kansas | thumbnail shows alligator gar underwater

'Living Fossil' Alligator Gar Found For The First Time In A Kansas River

We've got something weird here
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15 lizard memes | thumbnail left you're a lizard harry meme, thumbnail right hehehe lizard meme

Scale Your Way Through 15 Silly Lizard Memes

Now hey, we get that lizards might not be your usual go to animal for meme humor. But bear with us here! Did you know several species of lizards are kept as pets ? They are quite popular, actually. They might not be as affectionate as pet dogs or cats, but there is something charming about these weird creatures. We're not sure what it is that charms us about lizards. ANYWAY, enjoy this silly compilation of scaly, venomous, and hilarious lizard memes. And enjoy checking out these interesting and…
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12 images of tortoises | thumbnail left police lifting tortoise into car, thumbnail right police lifting tortoise off ground

Giant Tortoise Apprehended By Local Police

Tortoise On The Run Does Not Make It Far Before Apprehension
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thumbnail of smiling turtle "me seeing my fav person for the 1st time" "me seeing my fav person for the 6385th time"

Turt-ally Shell-arious Turtle Memes

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story about a huge goanna showing up at someone's backyard and going viral thumbnail includes two pictures of a large reptile standing near a glass window 'Adaptation - I was just at home the other day trying to do some uni work and this thing shows up at my house © sabellryan TIKTOK'

Ten-Foot-Long 'Dinosaur' Shows Up At Student's Backyard

Somewhat horrifying somewhat hilarious.
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rescue gecko story - thumbnail includes two images of geckos "Meet Haru.  Scars and burns, stuck shed and the very evident tail rot.  I had never rescued a reptile before but the moment I saw this picture I knew he couldn't stay one more day there."

Imgur User Rescues A Gecko And Shares The Progress

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gorgeous and colorful snakes - thumbnail of two snakes one blue and one green

Colorful And Mesmerizing Snakes (16 Pics)

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worlds tiniest reptile discovered - thumbnail of a tiny chameleon on finger tip

Tiny Species Of Chameleon Might Be World's Smallest Reptile

It's so tiny and oh so cute!
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good dads

5 y.o. me look how strong am shows mini biceps dad komodo dragon reptile opening mouth in shock
Via @WholesomeMeme
beautiful snakes of the hypnotic and colorful variety

17 Hypnotically Colorful And Ridiculously Good Looking Snakes

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Awwww Amun

answer cute gecko question reader squees reptile smile smiling - 4755879168
By NSZypher
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