I Can Has Cheezburger?


Thanksgiving Menu Corrections

cat boring replaced side caption dishes - 8991289088
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Too Bad You Can't Just Plug Them In.

hate cat poodles toy replaced problem batteries caption - 8750720000
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That's it...This Means War

Cats jealous puppies replaced - 7919363840
By Unknown

And They Thought We Wouldn't Notice...

dog food dont-care replaced hold it - 6830152448
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Who's the Funny One Now?

annoyed cow fence replaced stuck horse - 6690316544
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He's Not Mine?

squirrel cat too late replaced stork delivery basket - 6585974272
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We've replaced Derpina's bookmark with a kitten.

best of the week book Hall of Fame kitten meme notice replaced - 5927559424
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We've replaced Gladys' regular towel

angry caption captioned cat difference experiment filled lets-see meme replaced replacement towel - 5736822272
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Market research gone horribly wrong

caption captioned cat gps kitten replaced results secretly - 5137508096
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We've secretly

arm caption captioned cat difference experiment ginger left replaced secretly tabby - 5122780160
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Mary's Gonna Be So Surprised!

caption captioned cat happens lets-see replaced secretly shaved tabby what - 4964534016
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i haz replaced

best of the week bucket caption captioned cat champagne cuddly Hall of Fame hiding kitten replaced tabby - 4948200192
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