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17 images and gif of cats on rooftops | thumbnail left orange cat walking on rooftop, thumbnail right two black and white cats cuddling together on rooftop

Series Of Curious Cats Relaxing On Rooftops Of All Places

We cat parents know that our feline friends can be as curious as they can be sneaky. We blink for one moment andddd boom. Cat's on the roof. How the heck did he get there? Well friends, our cats have minds of their own (and don't we know it)! They sure do know how to make us smile, though. With their beauty and charm, they know they could get away with murder! We assure you friends, there will be no murder here, but there will be some curious kitties sneaking out to their rooftops and setting u…
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Amazon products for anxious cats and kittens | thumbnail includes two products including a calming pheromone diffuser and a heated cat bed cave

12 Relaxing Products For Cats And Kittens Anxious About Change

From diffusers to heated beds <3
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14 photos of monkeys chilling in japanese onsen

14 Photos of Seriously Relaxed Monkeys in Hot Springs

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pictures of cats in bookstores and libraries thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat walking in a library and a cat sleeping on books

Peaceful Calm Cats Relaxing In Libraries

For anyone who needs some calm in their lives.
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viral imgur thread about taming a feral cat thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a scared cat and another of the same cat relaxed 'overall she’s a real goof and it’s hard to tell sometimes that she was born and raised feral for 8 months'

Carefully Getting A Feral Cat To Trust And Love Its Owner

A long journey, but worth it.
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pictures of animals with smiles and calm eyes who look kind and caring thumbnail includes two pictures including a smiling kind cat and another of a smiling alpaca

Collection Of Gentle And Understanding Animals

For anyone who needs some kindness and reassurance
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video of happy fox getting belly rubs while rocking in a hammock - thumbnail of happy fox in a hammock

Happy Fox Gets Belly Rubs Whilst Rocking In Hammock

So happy and content
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relaxing pictures of cats hiding from the rain at home thumbnail includes two pictures including two cats covered by a blanket in front of a window during the rain and another of two cats snuggling on a table in front of a window while it's raining

Staying Warm With Cats Hiding From The Rain At Home

warm kitties for anyone who needs some calm in their lives
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cat face massage video cats aww peaceful zen relaxing calming cute adorable animals youtube

Sweet Cat Gets Relaxing Cat Massage (Video)

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cat cats pics aww cute adorable animals kitties silly kittens images | dirty kitten playing in mud | funny fluffy cat sitting with its feet in the air

Fifty Photos Of Cats, That Is All

Why not?
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cat dinner supervising video cats aww cute adorable relaxing mochi supervisor youtube

Cat Supervises Dinner Making Sure It's Up To Standards (Video)

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aww relaxing youtube relax Cats Video animals - 722182

Unwind With Lovely And Peaceful Cat Video

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relaxing cute dogs chilling cute funny dogs lol hammocks funny - 6048773

These Dogs Are Chillin' Out Relaxin' All Cool On Their Hammocks

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kangaroo stopping a sports game

Soccer Game Was Delayed In Australia All Because A Kangaroo Wanted To Relax On The Field

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relaxing bathroom - 9071618816
Via Dump a day

Watch How Cats React When They Listen To Relaxing Cat Music at cat café

video of cats listening to cat music
Via ABC News
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