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Relationship Memes

Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

a thread on reddit about a man whose girlfriend stole his dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'My 20M ex-girlfriend 21F took my dog while I was away at work' 'For some backstory we were together for 2 years and during that time we lived together in my apartment, I've had the dog for 3 years. We broke up about a week ago because she had been cheating on me. I let her stay in the apartment until she could find a place to go, and yesterday I came home from work to find she ha'

Woman Steals Her Ex-Boyfriend's Dog After Breakup: Reddit Storytime

Dog Thief!
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a story about a woman who wants her boyfriend to get over his pet cat dying | thumbnail includes text saying '

Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Needs To Get Over His Cat Being Put Down: Reddit Thread

Pets Are Important Too
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a woman threatens to move out of her mom's house if she doesn't get rid of her pet cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'My half sister wanted a cat and her dad got her one. I made it very clear from the first day that I didn't want a cat and that I would not help with it or do anything for it.  This cat is a demon. He sneaks into my room and shits in my hamper all the damn time. He has also peed on my rug so many times that I had to throw it out. '

Daughter Wants Mom To Get Rid Of Cat, Spins Questionable Web Of Lies

The cat did what?
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a man makes it his mission to win over his roommate's pet cat and become the 'favorite' | thumbnail includes text saying 'I decided instead of ignoring her, I would shower her with love. My plan was simple, to steal her love. I started by giving her treats and slowly getting closer to her. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked. As I am typing this she is sitting right besides me.'

Man Gets Revenge On Roommate By Becoming His Pet Cat's Favorite Person

A dish best served with cuddles.
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a woman is asked to lean into being a dog mom and refuses | thumbnail includes text saying 'I don't want to do this. I love my dog, but he isn't a kid, and I cringe when Simon describes me as my dog's mom. I don't want to give my (allergic, has not met my dog!) mom a calendar of my dog. How do I tell him to stop it, without hurting his feelings too bad?'

Woman Pressured By Family To Treat Dog Like Child Refuses: Reddit Family Feud

Fur baby or just a pet?
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a couple argue over whether the money they spend on 4 pets is an appropriate amount | thumbnail includes text saying '

Woman Spends 1600 Dollars A Month On Her Pets: Fiance Tells Her She Needs To Cut Back

Who's the asshole here?
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a story from reddit about a man whose girlfriend refuses to care for her animals, forcing him to leave her | thumbnail includes text saying 'In a recent conflict, I decided I can no longer allow this and said that it's up to her to decide if she wants to live with me and our daughter or rather have all the animals (for whom she doesn't take care of)'

Man Demands His Hoarder Girlfriend Surrender Animals

How far is too far?
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12 reddit text images dog custody battle | thumbnail blue background dog bottom right corner text "Dog custody in break up [Help] My live in boyfriend and I are breaking up, and moving out of our shared apartment. Our dog adores both of us, and we each adore our dog. Our dog likes routine and does not like moving between different locations."

Couple Seeks Advice On Dog Custody Debacle After Recent Break Up: Reddit Thread

Custody battle doggo edition
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a reddit thread about a man's ex asking him for money to pay for their pet cat that she now takes care of | thumbnail says 'She asked for 200 dollars for his blood work today, I gave it to here and said that I can't keep doing this. She's in a more financially stable spot, and it isn't fair to me to keep paying for a pet I don't get to see. She says I cane come over any time, but it is uncomfortable to go back '

Woman Requests Money From Her Ex Boyfriend To Pay For Cat: Internet Weighs In

What would you do?
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a story about a woman who decides not to go to her mom's wedding because she has a severe allergy to dogs | thumbnail includes text saying 'My(20f) sister(18f) has quite severe epilepsy. She has taken medication but for some extra protection a few years ago(when I was 15) my parents and her doctor decided it would be best if she got a dog that could warn her when she would have "episodes". They also said some of the side effects of the medication were not ideal.'

Severely Allergic Teen Forced To Live With Sister's Service Dog

Who is the a-hole here?
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an article about a man trying to win his ex back using his dog's instagram | thumbnail includes text saying 'not this man messaging me from his dog's instagram AS THE DOG'

People Are Using Their Pets To Win Their Exes Back And It's Lowkey Working

Cute or cringe?
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a reddit thread where a man questions whether his girlfriend is too obsessed with her dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'I think my gf has an unhealthy obsession with her dog. Family are telling me to run. She has SO many clothes for her dog brushes her dogs teeth every single day has all these dental products for her dog like dental mouth wash'

Man Claims Girlfriend Cares Too Much About Her Dog, Internet Weighs In

Obsessed or just a dog mom?
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a cute twitter thread about two cats falling in love through a window | thumbnail includes text saying 'I bring you a tale of Brooklyn romance, my cat's obsessed with the cat next door'

Neighbor Cats Embark On Epic Romance: Wholesome Twitter Thread

Star-crossed Kitties
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13 text based images surrounding discussion about dating people who don't like dogs | thumbnail "This might sound crazy to some people but I distance myself from people who say they don't like animals. That's fine, but to me it shows you don't have the level of empathy and connection with the world that I want in my friendships/relationship. You aren't required to have an animal, but if you can't understand the connection of humans and animals and you dislike them, we can't be friends. "

A Discussion On Dating People Who Don't Like Dogs: Is It Deal Breaker Or Not

Dog people: would you consider dating someone that does not like dogs? Or maybe not "does not like" but let's say that dogs just aren't their thing. Some people say yes, it's not a deal breaker for them to be with someone who does not share their love of dogs. Some say no, definitely not, if they don't love dogs then this ain't going to work out. Users took to Reddit to discuss this conundrum . “To be honest, not liking dogs would be a deal breaker for me because my dogs are a huge part of my l…
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video of a goose watching and waiting for her mate to get out of surgery | thumbnail includes a picture of a goose being given air and another goose watching through the door

Concerned Goose Waits For Her Injured Mate To Get Out Of Surgery (Video)

They mate for life <3
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pictures of animal moms with their kids | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cheetah mom yelling at her kids and an animal with big ears and its kids

Celebrating Moms With Heartwarming Yet Stern Animals Mommas

Wholesome animal luuurv
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