I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 facts about 13 different animals | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny deer 'Pudus (from Mapudungun püdü or püdu) are the world's smallest deer.'

Fascinating Animal Facts Friday: Top 12 Of The Week

The best of the best
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a bunch of photoshopped deer pictures | thumbnail includes two photoshopped pictures of deer

Darling Deer Looking For A Snack: Creative Remixes

Who won?
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video of reindeer sleigh ride and preparations | thumbnail mad in sleigh pulled by majestic reindeer snow

Reindeer Lead The Way On A Magical Finland Sleigh Ride (Video)

Truly magical
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collection of facts about reindeer | thumbnail includes a picture of reindeer 'Organism - Some reindeer subspecies' knees make a clicking noise when they walk so the pack can stay together in a blizzard. ICANHAS CNEEZ BORGER'

Paws For This Week's Animal Facts: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Caribou

Laugh and learn.
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a list of reindeer gifs for christmas | thumbnail includes a photo of a man riding a reindeer and a photo of a reindeer under the northern lights

Majestic Reindeer Gifs Because Christmas Is In 28 Days

The natural beauty of reindeer!
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video about a 700 pound moose being rescued from train tracks | thumbnail includes two photos, left photo is moose being airlifted and right the is the moose standing

People Rescue 700-Pound Moose From Railroad Tracks

Saving Mr. Moose
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viral tweets about Finland attempting to save reindeer by painting their antlers | thumbnail includes two pictures of reindeer with painted antlers and a tweet 'Light - Cullen Dudas ... @cullend TIL in Finland they use to have about 4,000 reindeer/ car accidents a year so they paint their antlers with reflective paint and this is vaguely terrifying macl 1:09 AM · Jul 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 49.9K Retweets 5,300 Quote Tweets 322.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Finland Attempts To Save Reindeer Using Reflective Paint

Right out of a metal album cover.
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pictures of animals with the most beautiful antlers thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a group of deer surrounded by mist and another of a deer standing in a field of flowers

Animals With The Most Magical-Looking Antlers

The most majestic animal antlers to bring some magic into your day
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I GUESS THEY'RE NOT RAIN-DEER pic of reindeer sheltering hiding from rain
Via u/Unbeatable1012
norway photography white reindeer rare calf baby animals aww cute | white baby reindeer with tiny horns in a snowy field

Wildlife Photographer Captures Rare White Baby Reindeer

Right out of a whimsical fairytale
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Santa reindeer are actually female | silhouette of Santa in his sled led by eight reindeer flying over the moon

Surprise: According To Science, All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female

All Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Female
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

funny comic cats christmas art reindeer santa xmas lol | comic of santa looking frustrated while sitting on his sled, speech bubble that reads hire cats instead of reindeer they said. it would be fun they said. next panel of the comic shows santa yelling at a group of cat pooping and napping in the snow. speech bubble that reads we do not have time to take a cat nap at every house
Via @amitliz_art
cute christmas reindeer dog

18 Overly Excited Reindeer Pets Full of Christmas Spirit

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twitter reindeer - 1270789

Lesson of the Day: Sorry to Rein on Your Parade, But Reindeer Are Real

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Rudolph the Basement Reindeer...

basement cat reindeer Cats - 8996480000
Created by Unknown ( Via imgur.com )
reindeer wildlife christmas - 1268485

Tis the Season for a Reindeer Appreciation Post

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