I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread about the reality of living with cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - they/themily @e_davishale cat ownership is hearing a single soft *clink* from across the house and yelling GET AWAY FROM THE BUTTER 7:41 PM - Jan 7, 2023 5.2M Views 17.4K Retweets 926 Quote Tweets 191.8K Likes'

Hissterical 'Cat Ownership is' Tweets Go Viral, Capturing The True Reality Of Having Cats

Cat ownership is... the best thing that has ever happened to us
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5 TikToks where cat owners share their hopes for their cats if the multiverse is real | Thumbnail includes a cat hugging a human's head, two blind cats, and a cat walking towards the camera 'if the multiverse is real I WILL find my cat in every single one If the multiverse is real I hope they have eyesight in at least a couple of them If the multiverse is real, I hope you get this excited to see me in every one'

TikTok Trend Where Cat Owners Hope To Find Their Cats In Every Universe

We hope our cats are happy and loved in every parallel reality
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video of a cat waking up its human | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat bumping into the camera

The Cute Yet Mildly Annoying Reality Of Being Woken Up By A Cat (Video)

It's awwdorably annoying.
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pictures capturing the reality of living with animals | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man with a dog's paw on its face and a cat hugging a person's hand

Pics Capturing The Wholesome Yet Funny Reality Of Living With Pets

We love them so much.
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video of the reality of sleeping with cats and a dog | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat climbing up onto a sleeping person

The Funny Reality Of Sleeping With Cats And A Dog (Video)

Remember: it's worth it.
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original comic by Ilana Zeffren about the reality of working with cats thumbnail includes two drawings of a cat interrupting a girl while working

The Hilarious Reality Of Working With Cats All Cat Owners Understand (Comics)

Hilarious and relatable LOL
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dad turns kid's drawings into real life animals

Creative Dad Turns Children's Animal Drawings Into Reality And It's Hilarious

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Dog Photobombs Every Photo in Craigslist Apartment Listing!

Dog photobombing Craigslist apartment listing in Lakeview and the dog is in every picture of the apartment.
Created by Unknown

Mama, just drooled a bit...

fantasy sausages good boy bohemian rhapsody reality caption - 8822891008
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Live in the Now Humans!

ducks ruined reality footprints cement - 6955575040
See all captions Created by DJAussie

Expectations Don't Always Play Out the Way You Think...

sick walrus reality - 7957445632
Created by Unknown

Koala Doesn't Understand That Painted Plants Aren't Real Plants

gifs critters koalas reality - 7380654592
Created by Unknown

Gorillas Just Wanna Have Fun

gorilla reality relaxed fun - 6585510656
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Hard Truths From Soft Cats of the Day

Cats illustrations insults mean reality truth tumblr - 6636145664
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Expectations vs. Reality

Awkward cameras expectations expectations vs reality photography reality smiles smiling - 6369625600
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All Your Friends See You Do It, Too!

beach diving elephant embarrassment fall friends reality - 6022834176
See all captions Created by allcatsloved
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